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Welcome to Calgary's best Arabic fast food

Scuba dive the mediterranean and discover authentic Arabic cuisine...

We are in Downtown just off 17 Ave SW.

Great Mediterranean Cuisine. Big menu to choose from, Shawarma, Donair, Kafta, Kabob, Falafel and much more... Hookahs and Mediterranean spice are also available!


Let us serve you at your next event, catering is available upon your request. Please email us at info@shawarmaknight.com for furthur assistance.

Platters & Wraps

Chicken Shawarma
Platter $10.99
Wrap: M $7.99 L $9.49

Platter $11.99
Wrap: M $7.99 L $9.49

Beef Donair
Platter $10.99
Wrap: M $7.99 L $9.49

Lamb Shawarma
Platter $11.99
Wrap: M $9.49 L $10.99

Platters & Wraps

Shawarma Mix
Platter $11.49
Wrap: M $8.99 L $10.49

Platter $11.99
Wrap: M $9.49 L $10.99

Platter $10.99
Wrap: M $7.49 L $9.49

Platter $10.49
Wrap: M $7.49 L $8.99

Platters & Wraps

Mix Shawarma w/lamb
Platter $11.99
Wrap: M $9.49 L $10.99

Shish Tawouk
Platter $11.99
Wrap: M $8.49 L $10.49

Family Shawarma Platter

Trio Combo

Side Orders

Meat Pies$3.99
Chicken Pies $3.99
Spinach with Feta$3.99

Side OrdersSmall Large
Hummos$4.49 $6.49
Baba Ghanouj $6.99
Garlic Potatoes$4.49 $6.49
Rice Pilaf$3.99 $6.49
Grape Leaves$3.99 $6.49
Cabbage Rolls$3.99 $6.49
Taziki$4.49 $6.49
Falafel Balls$0.85 Each
Chicken Samosa$2.49 Each
Beef Samosa$2.49
Veggie Samosa$2.49
Fries$3.49 $5.49

Hot, BBQ, Teriyaki, Teryaki Hot, Mild, Honey Garlic, Salt & Pepper
12 pcs $8.99 24 pcs $14.95 36 pcs $21.95

Side Orders

Salads and SidesSmall Large
Tabouli Salad$3.99 $6.99
Fatouch Salad$5.99 $7.99
Garden Salad$4.49 $6.99
Feta Salad$5.99 $7.99

Honey Balls (2)$1.29
Namoura$1.35 Extras
Extra Meat$3.99
Extra Cheese 2pcs.$1.75
Pita Bread$0.99
Side Sauce$0.75


Pepsi Product Can$1.35
Pepsi Product Bottle$2.49
Laban Ayran$3.29
L. Milk$1.85
L. Chocolate Milk$1.99
Fanta Bottle$2.49

Shawarma Knight is a family owned and operated business. We are committed in bringing a taste of the great mediterranean food and cuisine for our customers to enjoy.

Shawarma Knight was established in 2007 here, in downtown Calgary. We have achieved a great level of customer service and food quality over these past few years, and we are continuing to provide great authentic arabic food.

Today we are pleased to announce our recent expansion of Shawarma Knight and our second location is a new challenge that we hope to overcome, with high quality of food and service.

With your support, we were able to open a NEW location right across from Western Canada high school. We will continue to work hard to meet your expectations.

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